Car Insurance For Teens – Insuring Your Car for the First Time | What you need to know

Getting your provisional driving licence is an exciting moment for most young people as they are able to finally get behind the wheel and start learning to drive. However, the excitement of passing the practical driving test can quickly be wiped away when it comes to getting Car insurance for the first time.

Many young drivers and especially teen drivers just like you are faced with high Car insurance rates, simply because statistically you’re more likely to be involved in an accident than an older and more experienced driver.

What Type of Car Insurance is Good for Teen Drivers

The high cost of Car insurance for young drivers in general has been a hot topic for a number of years, but thanks to the creation of new insurance products specially for young drivers, many teens are now finding easier to afford Car insurance.

Black box insurance was specifically created to help young drivers get an affordable Car insurance policy, whether they are insuring their car for the first time, second time or even third time. Thanks to Black Box insurance, thousands of young drivers have got on the road for less.

How Does Black Box Insurance Work?

Most drivers will have years of No Claims Bonus to prove they are good and responsible drivers, however many young drivers will only have a couple of years at best, and teen drivers will likely have none. A black box actively monitors the insured’s driving skills to determine whether they are driving responsibly or not. This can often lead to discounts on renewal and sometimes even money back as a reward for good driving with some insurers.

This gives young drivers, such as teen drivers, even more of an incentive to improve their driving skills. Most good black box insurance policies will also be accompanied with an online portal or mobile phone app to give the young driver easy access to their driving data, which means they can realistically improve their driving skills with almost instant feedback.

Is There a Way Teen Drivers Can Lower Insurance Premiums Further?

There are many services out there that could be utilised by teen drivers to help bring the costs down for their first Young Driver Car insurance policy. Services such as advanced driving courses, offered only to those who have already passed their practical examination, could help bring costs down for teen drivers.

If you are interested in utilising services such as advance driving courses, you should contact your driving instructor as they may be able to offer the service themselves or be able to recommend someone in the local area that does offer services like that. Alternatively, you could do a simple internet search for advanced driving courses in your area.

Finding the Best Way to Get Insurance as a Teen Driver

If you want to find the best insurance for a teen driver, one of the best ways to do this would be to utilise the services of a specialist insurance broker. One that deals with Young Driver Car insurance will have a wide array of Young Driver insurers that will be able to help you, a teen driver, get on the road and starting building up experience.

Opting to go with traditional insurance companies that don’t offer a Black Box insurance policy could see you face extortionate prices, so what have you got to lose?


Taking out a Young Driver Car insurance policy as a teen driver isn’t that hard and doesn’t have to be that expensive. Yes, it’s not going to be cheap but unfortunately that’s just the reality for young drivers. Once you start to prove your driving skills and can show you are a responsible teen driver you might find that your Young Driver insurer rewards you for it. The best way to get Car insurance as a teen driver is to opt for a Black Box insurance policy and use the services of a Young Driver insurance broker to find the right one for you.